New Feature in the Torii App: New Listing Notifications

You asked for it, so we built a way for you to get notified when a new listing comes on the market!

Now you can get a notification on your phone when a new listing comes on the market in your search area! We’ll tell you how many new listings are within your search criteria, and when you tap it’ll take you right into the app to see which listings are new (tagged with the “NEW” flag).

How to get new listing notifications on your phone:

You need to have push notifications enabled. In order to do this, open the Torii app (or download it – on iOS or Android – if you haven’t done that yet!). Click on “Account” and turn on the “New listing notifications” subscription. If you also want to get new listings by email, turn on that subscription as well.

Notifications only come once per day on your phone (in the afternoon) and once per day via email (in the morning). You will see any listing that is marked as NEW in our system, which runs off of the MLS or “multiple listing service” (basically where all real estate listings are logged by real estate agents everywhere).

In a real estate market where there isn’t a lot of inventory (aka houses on the market), it’s important to know about new listings as soon as they’re there! Don’t forget that you can schedule a showing by clicking on an individual listing page (in the app or on our site) or by emailing a member of the Torii team.

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