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I know how much I can afford for a home, but how do I find out what town I should buy in?

We created the Random Home tool so you can click through random listings in MA and see what a certain price will get you in one town vs. another. Random Home is available on web ( and in the Torii app (under “tools”).

P.S. If you don’t yet know what you can afford, we can happily introduce you to one of our fantastic lending partners. They’ll work with you on a pre-approval, and then you can start seriously home shopping once you have that budget in mind!

What's a pre-approval? Find out more here: Pre-qualification, pre-approval, pre-commitment... Which is which?

How does it work?

All you need to do is put in a maximum price, and then random listings will be generated for you. You can click on the price to see more details about any of the listings, or you can click forward with your mouse or keyboard right arrow to see another random listing.

All of the listings are pulled from the MLS, which is where most real estate listings are input (the only listings missing from the MLS are generally homes that are for sale by owner). Listings will be from across all of Massachusetts, which gives you a good idea of what you can afford across the state.

Listings with an upcoming open house will have the “open house” flag!

Another helpful tool for determining what towns/cities you should be looking in is the Monthly Market report, which is published each month. Monthly Market shares data on the previous month’s real estate sales, including the number of sales in each zip code, the median listing prices and sales prices, and more. You can find Monthly Market report at, and we break down the report each month here on the Torii blog!

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